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The Hardest Workouts of all TIME!!!



The hardest workouts are first the Aztec push-ups, they are like any old push-ups but you have to get high enough to touch your toes and come back down. Next is the two fingered push-up which is a one handed push-up but with two fingers…OUCH!!! Next on the list is the Superman push-up; this push-up requires a whole lot of core strength. I am able to only do one, but less than 1% of the world can do this exercise. You do this by sticking your hands out in front of you, but not all the way, so you can push yourself up. Put your feet together and you push yourself up.  When doing this be very careful this can hurt you.  Then there is the one handed bar bell roll out. This is a bar bell roll out but with one hand, very, very hard! Next is the one finger pull-up which is as it’s called a pull-up with one finger on one hand. Then there is the planche push-up, this push-up you have to put your hands by your butt and without using your legs you push-up with nothing touching the ground but your hands. Last is the human flag, this exercise makes it look like you are a flag on a pole. If you would like to see more hard workouts please go to I would like to add not to do theses exercises unless you have a partner and are super strong.

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