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Weightlifting for NOOBS!!!!!!!


When you think of weightlifting you think of huge guys lifting huge weights like in the picture above. But in the beginning they all started somewhere. We have all tried to set a New Year’s resolution where we try to do work outs to get rid of that extra fat. To get rid of extra fat, you really don’t want to run too much, you really need to mix in some body weight stuff like:

Push-ups (if you can’t do it then instead of doing them on four feet, then do them on your knees)

Body Squats (feet should be shoulder width apart, challenge yourself by doing them with one leg changing legs every five)

Pull-ups (now these are really hard IF you have a pull-up bar, if you cannot do these then use a chair or something to put your feet or foot on to take some weight off to do the exercise)

Planks (go into a push up position then go onto your forearms and sit there with your butt down, also do sit planks by going to your side)

If you would like to see how to do this, YouTube is a great source for workouts.

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