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PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360

This may be a “last year” gift but I think it might be a good game for kids. There are very few differences in the two game consoles. I’m going to list the pros and cons of the two consoles. The pros of the Xbox 360 is that their company, Microsoft, is the only one that can play the Halo games. Now if you have the original Halo that was made to play on the original Xbox, the original Halo can be played on the Xbox 360. This is also true for Halo 2 which is also made for the original Xbox.

Now if you don’t care about the Halo games, then the PlayStation is perfect for you and it has a better quality than the Xbox. I also think that the Xbox was made more for kids because the dashboard is more cartoony to me because it has Avatars you can make. On the PlayStation you don’t have an Avatar and it is more realistic. The cons of the Xbox are that it does not have as good visual quality, what I mean is that the Xbox does not look as real as the PlayStation. But the PlayStation has horrible online play.

Now online play is when you play with other people online, but can glitch out if someone has bad internet. The PlayStation may have great internet connection but it will still not be as good as the Xbox. If you want to know what is the best in my opinion, I think that the Xbox is better, but it is all based on a personal opinion, so if you want to know what is better you will have to find out on your own.


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Review of Tony Hawk Underground 2

Bam Margera skates down a massive firework hoping it won’t blow up on him

     When I finished playing Tony Hawk Underground 2 I felt satisfied because the final mission was a pain to complete and if you are familiar with the Tony Hawk series you will know how hard these final missions are, especially considering how Neversoft increases the difficulty of each game each time. So imagine this, you’re skateboarding downhill trying to light gigantic fireworks all the way to the bottom without stopping your combo while doing certain tricks over the fireworks. But other than that, it’s a pretty fun game.  The character list is defiantly different from the first Underground game. You not only get to play as Tony Hawk, but you can play as other pro skaters, including Bam Margera. Neversoft really bumped the number of secret characters from 4 secret characters to 24 secret characters, not including the pedestrian groups you can unlock.  But other than that, there is a definite improvement in the controls being much smoother on the PS2 controllers and the XBOX controllers,although the Gamecube controllers and the keyboard for the PC leave way much to be desired.

     For the level design it is a BIG improvement over the first Underground game, in fact the map sizes are almost twice the size as the prequel, and that’s without activating events that can change the map.  The only complaint I have about the size of the maps are the fact that the day/night changes don’t progress smoothly and if you are on the big maps you can notice a definite quality drop and some frame skipping.  Sometimes when you are walking against a wall or solid object you can see through them.  This is most noticeable in Barcelona when you press yourself against Steve-O and his mechanical bull you end up seeing right through them.  But other than that the graphics are very good over the previous game.

     The story was kind of lacking because Neversoft focused more on free play and trying to implement a story mode around it.  Underground 1 focused more on the story mode aspect and did it very well.  Underground 2 did a good job with the story mode by doing a World Destruction Tour.  Considering on how Underground 1 acted with the story mode I was very much surprised at the World Destruction Tour because it said just do these goals and we will just give you a little cut scene and send you on to the next level with no background info.  Although I didn’t mind because I wanted to cause more chaos and have fun doing it.

     But over all, despite all the issues and the bugs, I had fun playing this game, especially when I was searching for the secret characters.  So above all, the overall score I would give Tony Hawk Underground 2 would be a 8.4 out of 10.  The only reason it’s not a 9 is because of all the little glitches and bugs that make you angry when some code messes up and causes you to wipe out on a high scoring combo.  But overall, this is a game that I had fun playing and if Neversoft comes out with the next Underground game I would get it and play it.

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