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Is Texting Ruining English


In a way txting is ruining our English Language, some people are txting so mch that it is starting to effect their writing and spelling.  Like in essays people are putting u instead of you and 2day instead of today and so many ppl are using the txting lingo that they are putting it in their writing and not even noticing and they are getting bad grades for it. So the English language is being ruined by this txting age and u all know some1 who uses this lingo all the time. It is stupid because u will get a txt and it will have 2day, lol, and things like that and I will be like IDK what that means, and then they will reply btw it means today and laugh out loud. Then they will say brb can u just talk right. And in school they will put for answers IDK, or on the test they will write a narrative and use things like u brb ttyl 2day. What happened to the world and y can’t u just typ the right way?

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Time has been a wonder to man since the dawn of time, trying to figure out if we can travel through it, speed it up, or slow it down, or freeze time.  But that is physically impossible because nothing can travel near or faster than the speed of light only light itself can do that. Also how we spend our time, like when it is time to get up and it is 6:45am and then you put your head down and it feels like 5 minutes and you look up and it is 7:45 am. Then when you are at school and you put your head down at 1:30pm and it feels like 5 minutes has gone by and you look up and it is 1:31pm. It will always be a wonder to man and I don’t think man will be able to figure time out until the end of time so it will always be a mystery to man and it will never be figured out. So it is just best to live while you still have time left.


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Game Review of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2'

Temple Run 2 is a game you can get on your android or iPhone and is a great way to pass the time. You can share your score on Facebook and Twitter, to see who has the highest score out of all of your friends. The goal of the game is to get a really high score and it goes on forever, and there is treasure chests you can get and gems, which you can use to save you if you are on a high score and need to keep going. You can collect gems in chests or on the run, you can buy different characters and upgrade your upgrades. Some characters have different abilities and can do better than others. If you die and you don’t have any gems there is an ad you can watch and it will save you for free, and you can spin the wheel before you run and you can get gems in that too.

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Game Review of Qbert


The game Qbert is an old retro game that is still fun to play and the goal is to have your little creature bounce around the squares and try to illuminate them. You also have to try to avoid getting hit by the red balls that bounce around the blocks, there is a pink ball as well that bounces for a few blocks then it stops. And then it starts shaking and it pops open and snakes are now bouncing around trying to get you.  You can get rid of it for a minute by jumping on the multi colored floating discs right when he is about to bounce on you. Then it will bring you to the top of the squares and then the snake will jump off then it will not come back for a few moments but it gives you some time to illuminate some squares till he comes back. You can still download Qbert on your computer and you can also play it for free on the computer.

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Game Review of Frogger


Frogger is an old retro game that many people still play and you can still play it if you Google it.  You can compete on the world leader boards and you can even download it onto your computer and play it whenever you want to. It is one of the games that has stood the test of the 30 years it been around and people are still wanting to play it.  You have to have a pretty good game to impress today’s world with all of the games that are coming out like Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts, so it has some tough completion and even with those games coming out this one is still wanting to be played and wanting to be downloaded. Now what someone needs to invent is an app with all of the retro games on it like Frogger and PAC Man and Qbert and all of those games.

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Review of Game Flappy Bird


The game Flappy Bird is one of the most annoying games ever because you have to navigate a bird through pipes and you have to tap the screen to make the bird bounce to stay in the air. It is now off the App Store because the creator got tired of the messages that he was getting to fix the game. Like, you would have the bird go through a pair of pipes then all of a sudden your bird would bounce another time without you pressing it and it would touch the pipe and you would die and have to start over. Or you would have the invisible force fields that would be right in the middle of the pipe and you would die and have to start over again. So he did not want to fix them because he was getting overwhelmed and just took it off the App store. So the people that have it already, good for you but for the people that didn’t, then you can go download a knock off Flappy Bird and play that and more than likely that one will be better than the original.

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Review of Site Battle Log


Do you ever wonder if there was a site that you could go to check your stats for a game?  Well there is a site that will let you check your stats for any battlefield game. Well now there is a site to where you can go and check your stats, change your clan tag and start a platoon. You can even check your friends stats to see if they are good enough to compete in a clan battle. Even when you are not on your console or PC you can go and change your loadout for your classes or your vehicles. They even have it to where you can manage your platoon and server; you can even make matches with another squad so you don’t have to do it in a server with the NOOBS and no one likes the NOOBS.  So go and sign up and start your Platoons and manage your classes and severs.

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