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The Greatest Discus Throw of All Time


Before I tell you the best discus throw, I’m going to tell you about the history and how discus started. Discus started in Greece and was added to the Olympics in the 18 Olympiad. The original discusses were made of lead, bronze, iron, or stone and were different in weight depending if you were a man or boy, but the typical discus weighed from 4 1/2 to 13 lbs and were 8 1/4 to 18 1/4 inches in diameter. The farthest discus throw ever was 74.08 meters or 243.04 feet. The man was from Neubrandenburg, Germany and he threw it on June 6, 1986. Now being a discus thrower myself, there is a lot more than going and making a few spins and throwing the metal “plate” (as some people call it).  Discus requires a lot of technique, knowing your body position, and knowing how to release the discus. There have been kids who are 150 lbs. that can out throw a kid who is 250 lbs.; it is all about knowing how to throw.

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Posted by on April 3, 2014 in High School Track, News