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The Class of 2017

The class of 2017 are freshman at Hugo, Colorado. They are proud and sometimes they don’t get along but some day they will make up and become friends again. There are 6 of us left that grew up with each other and we have our ups and downs but we all know what each other has been through. Being Freshmen, it is kinda sad to know in 3 years that the 6 of us will split up and go our own separate ways and maybe won’t see each other untill our 10 or 20 year reunion. The 6 of us have gone through so much together, like losing family, saying goodbye to our best friends, or all kinds of other things. I will be sad to say goodbye to the best bunch of teens I will or would ever meet, because when I get out to the real world no one will ever know what I have been through like those 5. I will miss you guys when we leave this little town we call home. Even though we say we hate this school sometimes, it will always be apart of us.

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Top 20 Country Songs of The 2000’s

20: Fall Into Me – Emerson Drive

19: Forever and For Always – Shania Twain

18: Breathe – Faith Hill

17: She’s More – Andy Griggs

16: She’s Everything – Brad Paisley

15: Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks

14: Feel That Fire” – Dierks Bentley

13: Love Story” – Taylor Swift

12: Just Got Started Lovin’ You” – James Otto

11: I Breathe In, I Breathe Out – Chris Cagle

10: Let Me” – Pat Green

9: I Loved Her First” – Heartland

8: The One – Gary Allan

7: Raining on Sunday – Keith Urban

6: Must Be Doin’ Something Right – Billy Currington

5: When I Said I Do – Clint Black and Lisa Hartman-Black

4: Making Memories of Us – Keith Urban

3: Your Man – Josh Turner

2: Come a Little Closer – Deirks Bentley

1: Lost In This Moment – Big & Rich

Growing up with this type of music was really good, there are a lot of memories to all these songs. I know when I get older and have kids they might not like this type of music because it is so old and boring, but oh well, they would never know all the memories I had with these songs.





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Growing Up In Genoa, Colorado

For the last 15 years I lived in Genoa, Colorado. Even though not a lot of people live in this small town, it does not mean that it is a bad town. Half of my family lives in Genoa and the other half are just friends with everyone in town. Genoa used to be a big town, it had pet stores, grocery stores, and other buildings till this day they are still there but they are run down and falling down. I remember hearing stories about how my parents grew up in this town and how much fun it was to live in Genoa and all the kinds of stuff they did. Even though my brother and I did not get to see all to fun and cool stuff there was in Genoa we could still hear the stories. My brother being 20 and me being 15, we still had fun in the days of us growing up in Genoa.  We had friends to be with and family.  I think if I ever have kids and they ask me how Genoa was for me growing up I will have stories to tell them like my own mom and dad had to tell us.



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To 10 Country Songs Of 2014

10:  Miranda Lambert, ‘Automatic’

9:  Jason Aldean, ‘When She Says Baby’

8:  Florida Georgia Line, ‘This Is How We Roll’

7:  Luke Bryan, ‘Drink a Beer’

6: Keith Urban, ‘Cop Car’

5:  Jerrod Niemann, ‘Drink to That All Night’

4:  Eric Church, ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’

3:  Cole Swindell, ‘Chillin’ It’

2:  Blake Shelton, ‘Doin’ What She Likes’

1:  Brantley Gilbert, ‘Bottoms Up’

My favorite songs out of all of these are Chillin’ It, Doin’ What She Likes, This Is How We Roll, Drink a Beer, and When She Says Baby. Even though there are some people that don’t like country songs. I know way too many people that like country songs and even when you grow up in a country habit you know all of the country songs. All of the songs that I like in this list has a history. Chillin’ It is my best friend’s favorite song and when I call him, my ringtone is that.  Doin’ What She Likes is my mom’s and dad’s theme song to one another. This Is How We Roll is my brother and I’s song.  Drink a Beer is a song I dedicate to a close friend of my parents that passed away last year. When She Says Baby, my cousin showed me that song. So like I said, all the songs I like have a history.

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Having An Older Sibling

Having an older sibling rocks because if someone hurts you then they have your back. Like if someone makes fun of you or makes up rumors about you they take care of it. Even though sometimes you two will fight, they will always be there for you no matter what if it is raining or shinning. Like you have an older brother like me, and you get your heart broken he will be like who hurt you and what did they do to hurt you. I love my brother to death and he is my hero and I look up to him for advice and before I buy something I ask him first. He is the coolest person I have ever meet and I would never trade him in for another brother or a sister because I love him.  I go to him and sometimes I’m afraid to ask him something but some how he always knows that I’m scared to ask him and he’s always like what do you need little sister. I love my older brother and I always will.

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Having Friends That Care

There are a lot of people out there but I have to say that having friends are the best thing that could have ever happen to me because they are so cool and funny to be around. Some of my friends I have had since I started here 11 years ago. Even though I go to a small school does not mean that everything here is bad, like the kids here sometimes get along and some times don’t. Like you see over the years that some people drop there friends and get more friends. My friends I have are Sarah, Katie, Catherine, Sam, and some others, but those are the ones that are close to me. Sarah, Catherine, and I have grown up with each other and we have seen each others ups and downs and we know what they have gone through and why they are who they are today. Katie, and Sam became friends with me when they started here in the 6th grade.

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Having A Nephew

On August 21, 2014 my older brother had a baby son at 10:21 P.M. It was a surprise to everyone in my family and they were really glad because for my grandma and grandpa it was going to be their first great grandchild. For my mom and they were really thrilled that they were getting a grandchild and for me my first nephew.  I was really proud of my older brother and his girlfriend. Even though my older brother’s girlfriend was scared to have a baby like every other mother is, she loves that baby to death and would do anything to keep him safe and happy. Now he will be 7 months on Friday and he is such a big baby but he’s adorable. I was really shocked when my mom told me that my brother was going to have a baby because he told me that he would never ever have a baby. Now since he is a father he cares about him so much that it is not funny. For me, since I am his only aunt I would do anything and every thing for him and if he was getting picked on I would stand up for him because I love him way to much for him to get hurt.

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