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The Big Boss

DSCN1328[1]This week I had the opportunity to talk to the boss of construction for our school, Steve Chambers. As I talked to him I first asked the question, “When did you start construction?”, and he answered, “1980, I started as labor and I worked my way up by learning all the positions on the way up and I made superintendent. When I started my boss saw that I was willing to learn and he helped me, there were moments when I had to jump in and do the work by myself. I don’t have a degree, I just showed that you don’t need a degree to do what I do.” I also asked, “What is your favorite part of the job?”, he said, “Detail, I like the detail work, I like fitting the pieces together.” Then I asked him, “How long have you worked for this company?”, he said, “For Nunn I have worked 11 years, and Schauer Construction for 22 years.” Then the question I asked was, “How did you become the head of construction?”, he answered by saying, “I worked my way up, I like it, but it comes with lots of headaches and papers.” Steve Chambers is a very friendly to the staff and students, it was very interesting talking to Steve.

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