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Is Texting Ruining English


In a way txting is ruining our English Language, some people are txting so mch that it is starting to effect their writing and spelling.  Like in essays people are putting u instead of you and 2day instead of today and so many ppl are using the txting lingo that they are putting it in their writing and not even noticing and they are getting bad grades for it. So the English language is being ruined by this txting age and u all know some1 who uses this lingo all the time. It is stupid because u will get a txt and it will have 2day, lol, and things like that and I will be like IDK what that means, and then they will reply btw it means today and laugh out loud. Then they will say brb can u just talk right. And in school they will put for answers IDK, or on the test they will write a narrative and use things like u brb ttyl 2day. What happened to the world and y can’t u just typ the right way?

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Time has been a wonder to man since the dawn of time, trying to figure out if we can travel through it, speed it up, or slow it down, or freeze time.  But that is physically impossible because nothing can travel near or faster than the speed of light only light itself can do that. Also how we spend our time, like when it is time to get up and it is 6:45am and then you put your head down and it feels like 5 minutes and you look up and it is 7:45 am. Then when you are at school and you put your head down at 1:30pm and it feels like 5 minutes has gone by and you look up and it is 1:31pm. It will always be a wonder to man and I don’t think man will be able to figure time out until the end of time so it will always be a mystery to man and it will never be figured out. So it is just best to live while you still have time left.


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Root Beer!

The origin is referred to small beers that are local beverages. Some contained alcohol and some did not. Root beer was made during colonial times in America from herbs, roots, and barks. There are four different types of beers they used. They were birch beer, sarsparilla beer, ginger beer, and root beer. The first bottle of Root Beer was made by the Hires family in 1893, even though Root Beer can be traced way back into history. Another type or brand of root beer is A & W Root Beer. It was founded by Roy Allen, who was the man who started marketing Root Beer in 1919. He was partnered with Frank Wright and that’s how A&W gets its name. It is the number one selling Root Beer in the world. The original recipe for Root Beer was made by Native Americans and now there are over 100 recipes.


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Dog Saves Military Vet by Calling 911

Terry McGlade was a United States marine says his dog, Major is a hero. He trained his dog to sense if McGlade was going to have a seizure so if Major had to he could call 911. One day Major sensed that there was going to be an incident about to happen and soon enough McGlade collapsed to the floor and Major got the phone and started dialing 911. When he pressed the buttons to call 911 the dispatcher said he didn’t hear any bark, but only the sound of a confused man and they knew something was suspicious going on. Major knew someone was going to come help so he waited outside. When the medics and police came he lead them into the house where McGlade was laying. When McGlade recovered he said he was proud that he taught his dog how to call for help. Major helped save a life that day.


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The Plains Indians

The Plains Native Americans…

The plains culture was varied from the Mississippi river all the way to the Rocky Mountains.  The tribes that lived here, and some still do, are the:








Plains Apache


Those are the major tribes of Native Americans that lived on the plains of North America. Many of the tribes of the Great Plains didn’t have a certain or stable home, they followed the buffalo or their major food source which was usually the buffalo. The whites, or as the natives would call them, Wasitchu’s witch, killed off the buffalo for target practice or to sell their tongues, hide, teeth, and horns and left the meat and everything else left of the buffalo to rot. The Plains Native Americans were very very skilled in hunting. The reason for that was because they had no cover or very little cover.  If they were hunting on horses they would use buffalo hide and put it over the horse and themselves to make the horse look like a buffalo so they could get closer. If they were hunting on the ground they would use coyotes, wolves, or maybe a deer or elk depending on what they had to cover themselves up with, then get closer and use bows to shoot them because they barely made a sound.

plains indians



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Hedgehogs are mammals and have been around for millions of years. These types of animals live through most of Africa and Southern Europe. They are insectivores, but they will eat a variety of different animal food and plants. They are nocturnal and spend the day sleeping and become active at night time. Their biggest trait are their quills. Quills are sharp, hollow hairs that are used as a defense. When they are frightened they curl up into a ball with its quills extended. Their quills are white with brown and they act as camouflage. The African pygmy hedgehog is the most common hedgehog that gets sold for a pet. It grows to around 6-9 inches long. Four to six years is the life span, but some can live up to ten years. Hedgehogs require a large cage even though its small. Some hedgehogs need to be outside of its cage so they can explore and run around.

hedgehogs tiny


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The Lynx

The Lynx…

The lynx looks a lot like the bobcat but there are some differences, such as bobcats have shorter tufts on their ears, the tip of their tail is black on top and white underneath, and bobcats have shorter legs and smaller feet than the lynx. Also the lynx stays up high were there are mountains unlike the bobcat who stays in the lower 48 states.

Diet: The lynx is a specialized hunter that target snowshoe hares (which make up most of their diet). Lynx are also known to eat mice, voles, grouse, ptarmigan, red squirrels, and carrion. During the summer, if their food does not digest right they will eat grass to help their stomach digest their food.

Population: Lynx are generally found in the upper 48 states but they are also common down in the lower 48 states as well. They go all over the states that’s why it is so hard to make an accurate estimate about their population.


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