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Interviewing Shari Humphrey

This week we interviewed Shari Humphrey, the principal of Genoa-Hugo School.

Q:  Who was the first class you taught?

A:  The first class that I taught was 1st grade and it had Mrs. Moats and Laura White in it.

Q:  What was one of your biggest accomplishments in school?

A:  We had a really good cheerleading squad and I was on it.

Q:  Where did you graduate school from?

A:  I went to Hoxie High School in Hoxie, Kansas.  Then I got my bachelors degree in elementary education at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.  I got my masters degree from Adams State University.

Q:  Why did you want to become a principal?

A:  I wanted to become a principal because I love kids and have taught different levels.  I was ready for a new challenge.  I love being a principal because we have awesome kids and teachers.

Q:  When did you graduate college?

A:  In May of 1991.

Q:  Tell me your most memorable moment in school?

A:  We used to have live bands at all our dances.

Q:  What were your school colors?

A:  Red and white and our mascot was the Indians.

Q:  Do you like your job?

A:  I love it!

Q:  What’s your favorite class?

A:  Title 1 because I loved working with all the different age levels.

Q:  How many people were in your graduating class?

A:  36

Thanks to Mrs. Humphrey for taking the time to chat with us!  Check back next week for additional staff interview.


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