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The Top 10 Global Fast-Food Chains


I have always wondered if country’s over seas like China and London have fast food restaurants like we do. After Clay Patton told us about his trip to Afghanistan and telling us that the fast food there was not the same as here it made me very curious as to what were the top restaurant chains. At number one is McDonald’s with 18,710 international restaurants. Next on the list is KFC with 11,798 international restaurants. Then there is Subway with 10,109 international restaurants. Then there is Pizza Hut with 5,890 international restaurants. Next is Starbucks with 5,727 international restaurants. Next is Burger King with 4,998 international restaurants. Then there is Domino’s Pizza with 4,422  international restaurants. Then there is Dunkin’ Donuts with 3,005 international restaurants. Next is Dairy Queen with 802 international restaurants. Last is Papa John’s with 755 international restaurants. I think that we all saw this coming. There are very rare places that I go that does not have a Micky D’s, as a lot of us call it. If you would like more info then go to

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