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Where I get my makeup! :)

Hey guys! So I thought I would do a little blog about makeup this time! I LOVE makeup and anybody that knows me knows how much I do, ha-ha. Well, I purchase all my makeup cravings from BH Cosmetics, I will link the website below. I love their quality, prices, as well as their shipment! I had ordered my stuff and it arrived at my house in about 3-4 days! Shipment was also free because I purchased over $50. I have 5 eye shadow palettes, a 10 piece concealer palette, a 10 piece blush palette as well as 2 special edition palettes, I also have a 32- piece-brush-set, eye and lip primer, a professional makeup belt and a train case, and let me tell ya, all these products are amazing!!!  Not to mention, I spent only $202 on all of this which is a great price compared to many other websites! So if you want to find cheap, good quality makeup, BH Cosmetics is the place to be!!!

Yours truly,

Cosmetics Corner

P.S. Here is the link to the best makeup website ever!

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DIY: At Home Spa!

Ok ladies, we all know it’s way to expensive to go to the spa and have a good relaxing time! But what if you could bring the spa home? Well ladies I’ve got that problem fixed! Here are some ingredients that you can use straight from home! Here you go!

1) Throw a cup of rosewater into your bath along with a quarter cup of coconut milk. Then you can enjoy a relaxing bath!

2) Mix honey and olive oil in equal amounts. Then keep left overs in a mason jar for an easy go-to when your skin is feeling dry.

3) Mix together honey and brown sugar (as much as you want, but enough so its grainy so it can take the bad stuff out of your pores) and then rinse with warm water. This will do for a great facial scrub. The brown sugar contains B6 which is good for the skin and hair.

4) Mix together un-petroleum jelly and raw sugar. It works for a great lip scrub! We all know that sometimes chap stick doesn’t always help.

5) Mix together egg yolk and lemon juice to help get rid of redness. This will help if you don’t want to wear foundation or concealer and you just want to go natural.

Well ladies that’s all I have for you this week! Let me know how these DIY do for you!

Yours truly,

Cosmetics Corner


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In Your Face…Literally!

Ok so I know I have been talking about hair a lot lately so I thought I would change it up.  🙂  Lets talk skin! You love your face don’t you? Who wouldn’t love their own face? Everyone is beautiful inside and out. But what about your pores? Well, you just landed at the right blog, the blog that will help kill your pore-filled-enemies!  Do you ever wonder why you get zits or acne or black heads? Yuck right?! Well I have a home remedy that I use myself and it only takes 5 steps! Are you ready?! Ok here we go:

Materials you will need:

1) Sugar

2) Lemon juice (can be store bottle)

3) Facial cleanser pads


Step 1:  Wet your face with warm water, this will open your pores so the remedy can do its job!

Step 2:  Pour a bit of lemon juice on the facial cleanser pad and then sprinkle on some sugar. In this process the lemon juice is an acid and will help clear dead skin and dirt that is in the pores. The sugar also adds a grainy affect, this helps scrub the dead skin off and the dirt in your pores.

Step 3:  Scrub your entire face. Stay away from your eyes and any open wounds. They won’t like the lemon juice so much.

Step 4:  Wash the scrub off your face with some warm water. Make sure you get every last bit of it!

Step 5:  Then splash or pat your face with cold water, this will help tighten your pores making it harder for dirt to get back in.

Whelp, that’s all I have for you today! I hope this remedy helped you on your way to a clear acne, zit, blackhead free face!!!

Until next time,

CosmeticsCorner xoxo!

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Killer Hair! Literally!

Do you ever have hair that is so fried that it shouldn’t even be hair? Well we are here to save the day! We have sources saying you’ll love your hair!

First, you can coat your hair with olive oil or coconut oil and then put a shower cap on your head 45 minutes prior to taking a shower.

Next, here is another one, but it is a bit smelly; vinegar. Yes I said it, and you heard it. Mix 2 cups of water with one-half a cup of vinegar and rinse your hair after you shampoo. Leave in your hair for up to an hour, then rinse.

Another remedy you could do is avocado!!! No, this may be gross, but I’m sure your hair will feel amazing afterwards. You can mix it with bananas or mayonnaise, or use it by itself. The avocado serves as a strong “mask” to keep moisture in the hair follicle. Now if this doesn’t go as planned, then hey, you at least have something to make some guacamole.

The remedies don’t stop there, we still have more ewwey-gooey hair delights. Such as, mayonnaise, take 1- tablespoon of mayonnaise and run it through your hair evenly. Then put your hair in a shower cap and let it set for 30 minutes. Or, if you don’t want to do this you have a sandwich condiment and you can have a nice lunch.

Last but not least, eggs. Who doesn’t love eggs? You have protein and yumminess, and you see, it is very good for your hair. The way to get to smooth hair is to beat 2 eggs in a bowl with yogurt and smooth evenly through your hair. Once you have all that done, leave it in your hair for 15 minutes. Later, you’ll want to rinse your hair with cold water.

Welp ladies and gents, that’s all I have this fine evening. If you do any of these remedies let me know how it goes. Cosmetics Corner loves to hear your feed back!

Yours truly,

Cosmetics Corner

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Most Wanted Hair!

Look out there is hair on the loose! There has been word on the street of hair that has gone crazy! Now don’t panic because the Cosmetics Corner has your back! We have several different hairstyles that will help you stay away from the crime scene. Cosmetics Corner did some research and we have come up with some kryptonite that will go against the hair that’s on the loose. The most effective kryptonite is straight hair! The loose hair criminal only likes hair that looks like you got electrocuted. So pull out those straighteners and get to going. Now another hairstlye we discovered was curly. If you curl your hair the criminal will have a hard time finding its way through the hair abyss. Not to mention you’ll look good while you’re at it. Now we found one more hairstyle that goes against the loose hair criminal,(drum roll), BRAIDED HAIR. The hair criminal will get confused through the labyrinth of hair! I know this all may sound crazy but trust me ladies you’re going to want to get your hands on them straighteners, curling irons AND pony tails!!! Get to work ladies and tell me if you stayed away from the crime scene.Good Luck!:)

                      Yours truly,

                         Cosmetics Corner:)

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What hairstyle do you prefer?

Sorry guys!! All polls are closed!

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