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Country VS. Hip-Hop


This week I was wondering what type of music our school liked the most. I personally like techno, but coming in first was Country and second was Hip-Hop. I like these two genre, but I wanted to know where they originated from. Country came from Southern United States and has roots to music like Gospel, Celtic, traditional fold, and old-time music.  I think about this and I can hear all of them meshed together to make country. Hip-Hop came from America in the 1960’s and was brought by west African American’s…wow!  Who would have known?!?  Thinking about this makes me wonder what people like about these two genre. When I asked everyone to pick their top five, in almost all of the surveys, there was a Country and/or a Hip-Hop in it. I think people like the slowness of Country and the way it talks about love, and I think people like the fast beat and motivational words of Hip-Hop. But if you don’t agree with this leave a comment about this and tell me what you like and why you like it. Tell your friends about this so I can get a better estimate of what people like.


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