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Dog Saves Military Vet by Calling 911

Terry McGlade was a United States marine says his dog, Major is a hero. He trained his dog to sense if McGlade was going to have a seizure so if Major had to he could call 911. One day Major sensed that there was going to be an incident about to happen and soon enough McGlade collapsed to the floor and Major got the phone and started dialing 911. When he pressed the buttons to call 911 the dispatcher said he didn’t hear any bark, but only the sound of a confused man and they knew something was suspicious going on. Major knew someone was going to come help so he waited outside. When the medics and police came he lead them into the house where McGlade was laying. When McGlade recovered he said he was proud that he taught his dog how to call for help. Major helped save a life that day.


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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday to honor the mothers and it can be observed in different forms throughout the world. Mother’s Day is on May 11. The dates for this holiday vary, but usually it is on the second Sunday of May. The tradition is presenting mothers with cards, flowers, and other special gifts. The celebration of mothers is said to be traced back to the Greek and Romans when they would honor goddesses. Mother’s Day was founded by Anna Jarvis whose mother died, so she conceived Mother’s Day as a way for children to honor the sacrifices that mothers made for their children. Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated and traditions vary. This holiday has become one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending. Most children enjoy Mother’s Day when they get to spend the day with their mother and donate that day to them. It is a special holiday for all the mothers.


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Sister Advice

My older sister and I have fought while growing up and we still do. Even though I haven’t really noticed it, she has been teaching me new things all along. Now that I’m older I understand what she has been trying to teach me. My sister has taught me to stand up for my own situations and how to handle them for myself. She has also taught some phrases which my parents don’t really like me to say. Her saying that she loves to follow is, “All people make mistakes, but a good person yields when they are wrong, and repairs evil. The only crime is pride.” That has taught me that we all make mistakes and we can learn from what we have experienced. I learn from my sister’s mistakes and you have to have pride in yourself to know that everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone learns advice from someone in the family and I think they should learn from those experiences.

keep calm and follow your sister's advice keep calm and carry on

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Branding Day!

On the 12th of April, Kelsey Ward and I went branding. That was the first time I have ever been branding in my life. When we got there everyone was sorting out the calves from the adults. Then the next thing you know, cowboys were wrestling down the calves. I expected that because Kelsey was telling me I would end up getting down and dirty. I ended up getting a calf that looked to be small, but as a matter of fact she was probably bigger than I was. Surprisingly, I held her down. The weather went from cold to blazing hot. Around eleven o’ clock it started to get hot and by noon I held down 9 more calves. Now I know what cowboys and cowgirls have to deal with! I never saw myself doing that, but I ended up having a good day! I think I will be going back again.


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Jaden and Julian Newman

Jaden Newman is nine years old and is in the fourth grade. She plays on the Downey Christian High School basketball team. She plays point guard on the Varsity team. Jaden has most opponents that are way taller than her and she isn’t afraid to wiz right by them. Jaden once scored 63 points in one game. She averages about 17 point per game. Jaden has a brother Julian who is twelve years old. He is the point guard for the boys Varsity basketball team. He makes 17 points a game and most of those shots are outside shots. His dad never has to think twice about sending Julian out onto the court. Julian and Jaden have been playing basketball since they were three years old. Their dad has taught them everything that they need to know. They both say they aren’t afraid to play with varsity players and they definitely aren’t afraid of the other players on the court.


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Having a Sister as a Model

My sister Jennifer is done with cosmology and she is now doing hair and make up for models. She also gets the chance to be one too. She says that she loves doing model stuff more than anything right now. So now when she comes home, she wants to find new poses and then take pictures of herself. Jennifer is having a good time, but she wishes she was a “full time” model. My sister gets to do hair and make up for some famous people that she hasn’t worked with yet. In my opinion being a model can be hard at times. The good news is that the guys who owns the studio respects the girls and how they dress or if they come in with a new pose then he will try any picture that will make them have a good time with their modeling experience. I think it’s cool to have a sister as a model.


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Is The ‘5 Second Rule’ For Picking Up Dropped Food Safe?

People often say that when someone drops a piece of food on the ground that it is still good to eat.  This is know as the 5-Second Rule.  Sometimes people can leave the food on the ground for more than five seconds. Researchers have found that there are certain types of bacteria on the floor that were tested. Researchers say that if someone drops food and then picks it up faster than five seconds, then the food is safe to eat. Food that is on the floor for more than five seconds could be contaminated with some sort of bacteria. Even though people say that the food is still safe to eat on the floor, but the floor can still carry a serious infection. The article says that most women are happy to eat the dropped food. I think that it is gross to eat the food that you dropped. That can make you sick and you don’t know what has been on that floor.


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