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Game review of Touhou: Imperishible Night

forgivness honest mans death

a screenshot of the spellcard “Forgiveness Honest Mans Death”

This game is the 8th game in the Touhou series and quite frankly while it is one of the easier games in the series the extra boss is one of the hardest, mainly because of the “spellcard” shown in the picture along with other spellcards that the extra boss uses.  The gameplay is as hard as ever considering first time players will be absolutely swarmed if they accidentally click on “Lunatic” mode.  Lets just say that was the mistake I made when I first played “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil” which was the 6th game in the series and I could barely make it past the first level without having to use a continue.  This series plays and looks like an old top-down shooter or as this series is classified along with other games, it will be classified as a “danmaku” game.  The creator of this series is just one guy and he designs the graphics, the music, the gameplay, and even the characters, he commonly goes by the pseudonym “ZUN”.  But he is still making games in fact the most recent game is Double Dealing Character” which is the 14th game in the series. But anyways the games are fun if you know what to do and have the reflexes of a cheetah.  There are several things that tie each game together with gameplay and storyline.  The gameplay part is that there are “spellcards” that bosses use, bombs the controllable characters use, the fact that there are 6 bosses and an extra boss if you beat the game on normal and above without using a continue. Then there is the sheer difficulty spike from easy to normal and that is just crazy to keep up with. The storyline part is that the games reference each other and have several characters appear in different games than the ones they were introduced in.

The story in each game is always some incident caused by a “yokai” or other powerful being like in the 10th game Mountain of Faith” where a god wanted to collect more followers for her shrine.  But this games incident is caused by a “lunarian” (who is immortal in the truest sense, more on this later) who wanted to hide from the rest of her race with her assistant, so her assistant causes the moon to never become full by causing the moon to go to a new moon when there is ever a full moon.  So this causes panic in the human village so the local shrine maiden is asked to solve this mystery.  Then her “friend” decides to follow along with and then other yokai the shrine maiden defeated pop up and assist the shrine maiden when the game starts.  You each get a little bit of the story with each boss you defeat untill you get to the 5th and 6th boss where you finally get the true story.  apparently the one that caused this has taken some medicine called the “Hourai elixir” and it consists of a liquid. From what the wiki says if one drink is taken the person will never age, the second drink will render the person immune from any disease, while the third drink causes the person to be immortal to the truest sense.  But it also has this side effect of having the user be as susceptible to pain as before and injuries can still be caused but the injuries can be healed at an increased pace. So from what I can figure out if the person who took the elixir got cut in half the person will regenerate.  And from what the wiki said only four people have taken this elixir and the ingredients to making the elixir are known only to the maker.  So if you are a klutz this is extremely useful if you end up getting a horrible cut, you can get it healed in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.  Although the game does say any injuries suffered before the elixir has been taken will still remain with the person.  When you do finally defeat the 6th boss (hopefully on normal or above without using a continue) you unlock the extra stage where you find the 3rd person who took the elixir and then you fight her.

This game while it is one of the easier games in the series (only being beaten in easiness by “Great Fairy Wars” which is like 12.8 it’s not really part of the storyline but it continues some of the storyline featured in earlier games) it features a decent storyline with good music.  On every stage there are two music tracks, one for the main stage and one for the boss.  The amount of characters you can use was an increase from other games but it is only used in just this game.  After that it is just reset to using two or three characters.  The music seems to fit each character with either being fast paced or calm and intense at the same time.  The graphics are somewhat minimal but why make extremely good graphics when they will just be blocked out by all the “bullets” on the screen.  As seen in the photo with the spell card shown.  I mean sure the graphics get better in later games but they still get harder as you continue throughout the game.  The only game that I have seen that has thoroughly frustrated me before the final boss was the 12th game “Unidentified Fantastic Object” but that is for another review sometime later.  So far I have enjoy every one of these games and I still hope that more shall be made.  The only thing I have against this series is the sheer difficulty spike from easy to normal.  Lets say if you have memorized all the patterns for the spellcards in easy mode than when you play normal mode you have no idea what to do because it just cranks the difficulty up.  The overall score I would give this game is 8.6/10.  This is mainly because of the difficulty spike but otherwise it is a great game.  After this review it will be the last one for the school year and I will be making a new blog to put reviews on it for the summer.  Although not in a weekly interval so I guess see ya until I put a new review on the blog.

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Game Review of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2'

Temple Run 2 is a game you can get on your android or iPhone and is a great way to pass the time. You can share your score on Facebook and Twitter, to see who has the highest score out of all of your friends. The goal of the game is to get a really high score and it goes on forever, and there is treasure chests you can get and gems, which you can use to save you if you are on a high score and need to keep going. You can collect gems in chests or on the run, you can buy different characters and upgrade your upgrades. Some characters have different abilities and can do better than others. If you die and you don’t have any gems there is an ad you can watch and it will save you for free, and you can spin the wheel before you run and you can get gems in that too.

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Game Review of The Legend of Zelda (NES)


A view of an area near the beginning of the game

     This was one of the few games that will be one of the few most remembered games that have ever been made.  Games like the Call Of Duty: will only stay for a few months then people will forget about them and all they really are is just the previous Call Of Duty: game but with better graphics and that’s it (and for you little kids who say that the COD: series is the best, YOU KNOW NOTHING).  Anyways before my little rant I was saying that this game will be remembered because it introduced a game series that eventually evolved to become the rival series to Super Mario Bros.  The game introduced a top-down view to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games. Where the view was either a horrible front-back view like in the arcade game Pole Position or a side view like in the NES game Contra.  Whats more is that it while it seemed like an Role Playing Game (RPG) with the fact you can collect money from enemies you defeat of special items in the game.  It really wasn’t and was more of an adventure game.  It also featured an eight dungeon storyline and a final ninth dungeon to defeat the final boss (Ganon) and save Princess Zelda which is a formula that shall be copied throughout the game series.  Even introducing a couple of “Oracles” in the Game Boy Color releases Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

In this game you start off with no sword and you must visit a nearby cave in order to get the sword and after that you can continue thorough the game and kill the bosses in the game.  Or for an added challenge you can continue through the game without ever getting the sword and you can even complete the game.  One of the most recognized bosses in game history is introduced in this game which is Ganon or in later games Ganondorf.  He is more commonly recognized as a giant bipedal pig that can wield a giant sword as Ganon or a Gerudo thief that can use magic and can wield the Triforce of Power which was fully introduced in LoZ: Ocorina of Time. While Zelda can use the Triforce of Wisdom  and Link can use the Triforce of Courage.  The reason why Ganondorf can use the Triforce of Power is because he tried to activate the completed Triforce but if a person who does not have a complete balance of power, wisdom, and courage the Triforce will split and the one characteristic that fits the unbalanced person will stick with them and the rest will go to the person that embodies that characteristic.  So that explains why Link and Zelda have Triforces as well.  But anyways you always have to go through at least 8 dungeons before facing the final boss be it Ganon/Ganondorf Vatti although Vatti was introduced for the GBA games only.  The one thing about these games is that you can easily die if you have no clue how to play these games.

   What really sets this game apart from other games of its time was the fact that it had a unique formula and it had this charm to it that today’s games can’t compare to.  The score I would give this game is a 10/10 the reason is just one reason.  This game is just awesome and it will never get boring so that is my review for the week so see ya!

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Game Review of Qbert


The game Qbert is an old retro game that is still fun to play and the goal is to have your little creature bounce around the squares and try to illuminate them. You also have to try to avoid getting hit by the red balls that bounce around the blocks, there is a pink ball as well that bounces for a few blocks then it stops. And then it starts shaking and it pops open and snakes are now bouncing around trying to get you.  You can get rid of it for a minute by jumping on the multi colored floating discs right when he is about to bounce on you. Then it will bring you to the top of the squares and then the snake will jump off then it will not come back for a few moments but it gives you some time to illuminate some squares till he comes back. You can still download Qbert on your computer and you can also play it for free on the computer.

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Game Review of Frogger


Frogger is an old retro game that many people still play and you can still play it if you Google it.  You can compete on the world leader boards and you can even download it onto your computer and play it whenever you want to. It is one of the games that has stood the test of the 30 years it been around and people are still wanting to play it.  You have to have a pretty good game to impress today’s world with all of the games that are coming out like Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts, so it has some tough completion and even with those games coming out this one is still wanting to be played and wanting to be downloaded. Now what someone needs to invent is an app with all of the retro games on it like Frogger and PAC Man and Qbert and all of those games.

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Review of Game Flappy Bird


The game Flappy Bird is one of the most annoying games ever because you have to navigate a bird through pipes and you have to tap the screen to make the bird bounce to stay in the air. It is now off the App Store because the creator got tired of the messages that he was getting to fix the game. Like, you would have the bird go through a pair of pipes then all of a sudden your bird would bounce another time without you pressing it and it would touch the pipe and you would die and have to start over. Or you would have the invisible force fields that would be right in the middle of the pipe and you would die and have to start over again. So he did not want to fix them because he was getting overwhelmed and just took it off the App store. So the people that have it already, good for you but for the people that didn’t, then you can go download a knock off Flappy Bird and play that and more than likely that one will be better than the original.

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Game review of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

the hardest puzzle

This is the hardest puzzle in the game

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is the third game in the series and one of the more difficult, ones especially for people who are new to the series.  The Professor Layton series is a puzzle series that has migraine causing puzzles that appear near the end of each game and brain tumor causing puzzles that appear as an extra bonus for beating the game.  The puzzle in the picture above is one such puzzle in fact it is the final puzzle in the game and THE hardest puzzle in the game.  The rating for puzzle difficulty is called “Picrats”  the more “Picrats” a puzzle is worth the harder it is.  This puzzle is worth 90 “Picrats” and it is harder than any puzzle you have completed before by at least 20 “Picrats”.  I mean, give a little bit and I can solve most any puzzle but this puzzle was just torture to figure out, but when you complete a puzzle this hard, you get a feeling of accomplishment like when you beat one of the hardest games and completed it 100% (people who play games for a few hours then be done with the game will never understand this feeling).  The least amount of moves you can do this puzzle in is 38 ( I did it in 50).  What really sucks is that on some puzzles (well OK most of them) but if you fail on an attempt to solve a puzzle you lose some “Picrats” as a punishment up to at least over half of the “Picrats” gone if you suck.  So the game forces you to step up your game instead of going through like you think you do it with little effort.

The game starts off as finding an intruder to the party for the first puzzle and watching a cutscene where a supposed time machine blows up and the mayor disappears and you get a letter to go to a clock shop to find more clues and you end up going back into the “past” and solving a few puzzles before meeting Luke’s “future” self.  As the game continues on you start to see clues that the “future” Luke is not what he appears to be but then as you get to near the end of the game he reveals that he is not a “future” Luke but he is called Clive.  And that the “future” London is in fact an Underground version of London and his plan is to kidnap all of the best scientists in London and transport them underground to what he told them a “future” London and build a time machine to restore them to the present London.  But his true plan is to create a machine that will allow him to destroy London and he will rebuild it in his own image.  The puzzles may not seem to follow the story for a good portion of the puzzles but some of them hint at the story and some of them are needed to continue in the story.  Then there are points where you need a certain amount a puzzles solved in order to continue on with the game.

One of the great things about this game is that it compels you to finish the game in order to figure out the rest of the mystery and there is stuff to do after the end of the game like extra puzzles or sticker books that are fun to solve and a little side-quest from the main storyline.  From what I noticed there is always some little side-quest in the game that is fun to do and gives people a brief break from the puzzles.  in the first game Professor Layton and the Curious Village you can create a robot to help you look for hint coins and in the second game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box you can make tea.  Then after that I don’t know because I haven’t played the next couple of games.  But anyways this game is the final game for the original series and I guess the end of the continuation for the series unless the continue it for the 3D’s but highly doubtful.  So unless the game creators continue the series we will never figure out the mystery Luke found in his new town at the end of the game.  The over all score I would give this game is a 10/10 the music, gameplay, and graphics combine perfectly to create one of the best games ever.  The puzzle difficulty forces you to be better instead of just being lucky as in most FPS games.  And there is a fun side-quest for if you want to take a break from the puzzles.  So that is all for the week and I will see you all next week.


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