The Class of 2017

14 May

The class of 2017 are freshman at Hugo, Colorado. They are proud and sometimes they don’t get along but some day they will make up and become friends again. There are 6 of us left that grew up with each other and we have our ups and downs but we all know what each other has been through. Being Freshmen, it is kinda sad to know in 3 years that the 6 of us will split up and go our own separate ways and maybe won’t see each other untill our 10 or 20 year reunion. The 6 of us have gone through so much together, like losing family, saying goodbye to our best friends, or all kinds of other things. I will be sad to say goodbye to the best bunch of teens I will or would ever meet, because when I get out to the real world no one will ever know what I have been through like those 5. I will miss you guys when we leave this little town we call home. Even though we say we hate this school sometimes, it will always be apart of us.

class of 2017



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