Is Texting Ruining English

14 May


In a way txting is ruining our English Language, some people are txting so mch that it is starting to effect their writing and spelling.  Like in essays people are putting u instead of you and 2day instead of today and so many ppl are using the txting lingo that they are putting it in their writing and not even noticing and they are getting bad grades for it. So the English language is being ruined by this txting age and u all know some1 who uses this lingo all the time. It is stupid because u will get a txt and it will have 2day, lol, and things like that and I will be like IDK what that means, and then they will reply btw it means today and laugh out loud. Then they will say brb can u just talk right. And in school they will put for answers IDK, or on the test they will write a narrative and use things like u brb ttyl 2day. What happened to the world and y can’t u just typ the right way?

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