Game review of Touhou: Imperishible Night

13 May

forgivness honest mans death

a screenshot of the spellcard “Forgiveness Honest Mans Death”

This game is the 8th game in the Touhou series and quite frankly while it is one of the easier games in the series the extra boss is one of the hardest, mainly because of the “spellcard” shown in the picture along with other spellcards that the extra boss uses.  The gameplay is as hard as ever considering first time players will be absolutely swarmed if they accidentally click on “Lunatic” mode.  Lets just say that was the mistake I made when I first played “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil” which was the 6th game in the series and I could barely make it past the first level without having to use a continue.  This series plays and looks like an old top-down shooter or as this series is classified along with other games, it will be classified as a “danmaku” game.  The creator of this series is just one guy and he designs the graphics, the music, the gameplay, and even the characters, he commonly goes by the pseudonym “ZUN”.  But he is still making games in fact the most recent game is Double Dealing Character” which is the 14th game in the series. But anyways the games are fun if you know what to do and have the reflexes of a cheetah.  There are several things that tie each game together with gameplay and storyline.  The gameplay part is that there are “spellcards” that bosses use, bombs the controllable characters use, the fact that there are 6 bosses and an extra boss if you beat the game on normal and above without using a continue. Then there is the sheer difficulty spike from easy to normal and that is just crazy to keep up with. The storyline part is that the games reference each other and have several characters appear in different games than the ones they were introduced in.

The story in each game is always some incident caused by a “yokai” or other powerful being like in the 10th game Mountain of Faith” where a god wanted to collect more followers for her shrine.  But this games incident is caused by a “lunarian” (who is immortal in the truest sense, more on this later) who wanted to hide from the rest of her race with her assistant, so her assistant causes the moon to never become full by causing the moon to go to a new moon when there is ever a full moon.  So this causes panic in the human village so the local shrine maiden is asked to solve this mystery.  Then her “friend” decides to follow along with and then other yokai the shrine maiden defeated pop up and assist the shrine maiden when the game starts.  You each get a little bit of the story with each boss you defeat untill you get to the 5th and 6th boss where you finally get the true story.  apparently the one that caused this has taken some medicine called the “Hourai elixir” and it consists of a liquid. From what the wiki says if one drink is taken the person will never age, the second drink will render the person immune from any disease, while the third drink causes the person to be immortal to the truest sense.  But it also has this side effect of having the user be as susceptible to pain as before and injuries can still be caused but the injuries can be healed at an increased pace. So from what I can figure out if the person who took the elixir got cut in half the person will regenerate.  And from what the wiki said only four people have taken this elixir and the ingredients to making the elixir are known only to the maker.  So if you are a klutz this is extremely useful if you end up getting a horrible cut, you can get it healed in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.  Although the game does say any injuries suffered before the elixir has been taken will still remain with the person.  When you do finally defeat the 6th boss (hopefully on normal or above without using a continue) you unlock the extra stage where you find the 3rd person who took the elixir and then you fight her.

This game while it is one of the easier games in the series (only being beaten in easiness by “Great Fairy Wars” which is like 12.8 it’s not really part of the storyline but it continues some of the storyline featured in earlier games) it features a decent storyline with good music.  On every stage there are two music tracks, one for the main stage and one for the boss.  The amount of characters you can use was an increase from other games but it is only used in just this game.  After that it is just reset to using two or three characters.  The music seems to fit each character with either being fast paced or calm and intense at the same time.  The graphics are somewhat minimal but why make extremely good graphics when they will just be blocked out by all the “bullets” on the screen.  As seen in the photo with the spell card shown.  I mean sure the graphics get better in later games but they still get harder as you continue throughout the game.  The only game that I have seen that has thoroughly frustrated me before the final boss was the 12th game “Unidentified Fantastic Object” but that is for another review sometime later.  So far I have enjoy every one of these games and I still hope that more shall be made.  The only thing I have against this series is the sheer difficulty spike from easy to normal.  Lets say if you have memorized all the patterns for the spellcards in easy mode than when you play normal mode you have no idea what to do because it just cranks the difficulty up.  The overall score I would give this game is 8.6/10.  This is mainly because of the difficulty spike but otherwise it is a great game.  After this review it will be the last one for the school year and I will be making a new blog to put reviews on it for the summer.  Although not in a weekly interval so I guess see ya until I put a new review on the blog.

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